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01/ Dajue Art Garden Centre- Business Department

We are all passionate about gardening & sharing life’s beautiful moments! This enthusiasm keeps us on our feet all day!
We are one big, happy family who always have each other’s backs. Learning never stops in Dajue Art Garden with our weekly salons and gardening courses to keep us all updated on the latest trends. If you have the same passion as we do, why not join our growing team?

Current Job Vacancies:
Store Manager, Store assistant, Sales associate, Shop Supervisor, Cashier, Warehouse clerk, Photographer, Social Media Marketer

02/ Dajue Garden Centre - Garden & Landscape Department

Are you looking for a job that challenges your gardening skills & expertise?
Are you willing to get down & dirty, work outdoors and be close to nature all day?
Are you looking for ways to express your creativity in the gardens?
If you believe you have what it takes to be part of our dynamic team, just send in your resume to be shortlisted for an interview!

Current Job Vacancies:
Indoor Plant Specialist, Gardener, Account Manager, Landscape Designer, Sales associate, Estimator,Admin assistant

03/ Dajue Art Garden-- Prospective Partner

For more than 80 years, Dajue Art Garden has been operating as a garden centre in Vancouver. In 2020, it has undergone major renovation to include wider selection of perennials, annuals, shrubs, flowers, trees and incorporating Oriental Zen elements to better serve the community.
To keep up with the latest trends in gardening & horticulture, we have launched our gardening courses & creative salons. As our valued partner & member, you are entitled to use some art venues for free. If you are a budding artist looking for a proper venue, do not hesitate to contact us!
We are looking forward to collaborate with you on our future courses, salons, or use the garden centre as a location shoot!

15 December 2023 - 14 January 2024


15 January 2024 - onwards


Tel: 604-277-0871
Fax: 604-277-9396
ADD: 8451 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2V5, Canada

Store Hours

9: 30am-6: 00pm

ADD: 8451 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2V5, Canada